Graduation Lei



To complete the gifts for teacher appreciation week (last week):

Day 3: The girls gave a set of animal books and stickers we found at the $1 store to add to their classroom libraries. 

Day 4: They gave their teachers another bar of their favorite candy. 

And on the last day, they were given caffeine. Everyone knows a teacher needs all the energy they can get, for all the hard work they do. 😉


Appreciate a Teacher Everyday This Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. We’ve been very fortunate to have such awesome teachers for my girls growing up, from preschool to present day 2nd grade. They’ve just been great. If you knew my girls from the 1st day of preschool and seen them emerge from their shells today…you’d be amazed.

Teachers are wonderful and it’s always cool to show how much you appreciate them. Each year, my girls give their teachers a small gift everyday during Appreciation week. It tends to be something small, but from the heart, which is what matters. 


A thank you for being a great teacher. The girls wrote their own letter and drew pictures. We dolled the card up with some ribbon once it was completed.